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With our experience and knowledge, your desires and goals will become uniquely recogniz able visuals. We will pay full attention to you, involve cross functional teams in the process, suggest how to most effectively achieve your goals. We will hone on even the smallest de tails so the final product will be unique, and you will want to brag around with it. In prepara tion for the job, we will communicate frequently with you and help you define everything you need to make our collaboration result in top products that your competitors will envy.


We create a personalized logo according to your references and instructions. We look for a deeper meaning in your brand and turn it into a unique visual. As in the example of the logo. Aside from logos we can deliver a logo brand book that shows the best practices, do's and don'ts when using your brand design.

livich logo expl

Logo animation

According to your wishes, we create an animated gif or lottie (svg, vector animation) logo loop. Use on: the navigation bar, on the cover, about us... Use animation to capture attention!

Logo animation


Brand colours

We choose a unique color palette for your brand and target audience and demographics.

colour scheme


Our experts will choose the font that will best tell the story of your brand. The font can be at Google font or a premium one. We'll find fonts that will look equally appealing on all digital platforms as well as in print, swags, and merchandise that will impress your customers.


We make a wireframe of your site. We define and plan the information hierarchy of our design for your website, application or product. Communicating your product or brand to your users or customers starts with a clear and readable wireframe. In a matter of hours you can recieve a highly functional clickable wireframe that you can show to your team. With our approach we can make dozens of wireframes in a couple of days that you can share around and get critical feedback before investing into producing development.

Illustrations/ animations (animated gifs or videos)

We create custom illustrations, backgrounds and animated gifs or videos in a style that will best highlight your business philosophy.

Copywriting (Personal aproach)

Our masters of words / wordsmith will enrich your site or campaign by highlighting the most desirable aspects of your product or brand with a few words. We make slo gans, copy for commercials, texts for videos, scripts for promo films, product name product marketing).

Protoype in Figma / Development

We are making a prototype page in Figma. Here you can see the full functionality of the site before we release It Ilve. This is where the page becomes something you can see, scroll and click, so it's easier to arrange the final actions and finishing touches.

Final live website

User testing - once your team is happy with the prototype we can help you get beta testers and focus groups that will provide honest quantitative and qualitative unblased feedback.

We emphasise your achievements

No two projects are the same, so we foster individual approach and steer clear of a molded design process. We dedicate all our time to understand you, your position and your needs.

We listen and feel you from initial concept to production - and beyond.

We understand that your graphic image is your first impression and comes at the decisive moment - the first contact.


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